Review: ‘Thrive: The Bah! Guide to Wellness After Cancer’ by Stephanie Butland.

My guest on the blog yesterday was author and all-round inspiration, Stephanie Butland. I was thrilled to be able to share her publication day with you all and today, I have my review of her latest book ‘Thrive’.

Having recently read ‘How I Said Bah! to Cancer’, Stephanie’s first book about her diagnosis and treatment, I felt the strength of Stephanie’s belief and positive thinking shine through in even the darkest moments. I read reviews online and comments on her blog and I know that Stephanie’s blog (and book) has helped so many people whether they are fighting their cancers or supporting loved ones going through treatment.

‘Thrive’ is Stephanie’s follow-up. You may expect someone who has gone through the intense treatment to be over the moon that it is over and they are on the path to wellness. That’s the expected reaction but the cancer leaves its mark on more than your body: your mind, your family, your career and other aspects of your life may be entirely changed. There is a difference between surviving and thriving.

‘Thrive’ includes visualisations, exercises and strategies to employ. They are certainly worth trying.

Each chapter begins with a quote from people who were diagnosed with cancer – a sort of testament that the feelings and thoughts explored in the book have a wide reach.

As I’ve said before, I – thankfully – have not experienced a cancer but ‘Thrive’ can be helpful to anyone who is suffering from or recovering from a long-term health condition. We can all be afraid, bitter or have emotions come back to haunt us. Maybe you want to change your lifestyle after your dance with cancer. The strategies suggested by Stephanie are helpful and can be employed by anyone trying to adjust to life after cancer.

Stephanie gives intelligent, thoughtful advice and you know she understands what she is talking about. I personally think she should be employed as some sort of life guru. Her books have definitely changed the way I look at life (and I’m not the target audience).

Vic x

Order your copy of ‘Thrive’ here:

Download ‘Thrive’ here:


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