Why I’m more irritated by celebrities than usual today.

As regular readers of this blog will know, I despise Chris Brown. He is a despicable human being and today a British newspaper has published a picture of the man who beat Rihanna to a pulp in 2009 revealing his new tattoo. It just so happens to be a woman’s battered and bruised face. He has, of course, denied that the tattoo is of his former girlfriend but what do you think?


Uncanny, isn’t it?

Chris says “it’s a random woman”. Whoever it really is, why would a sane, stable human being have such a vile picture tattooed onto their body? I’m not a fan of tattoos anyway but I understand that is a personal choice. This, however, is disgusting. How dare he do such a thing? I believe he does it for attention. I think this bully thrives off publicity. He may have even had the ink done to try to demonstrate he’s changed and wants to pay for his mistakes but I suspect it is yet another vile publicity stunt from a man who should never have been allowed back into the music industry after his brutal attack on his girlfriend.

In another story, former Westlife member Brian McFadden announced in Hello! magazine that he had “no idea what I was doing” when he married Kerry Katona. I take two issues with this: one – why mention your ex-wife on your second wedding day? Two – how could a man who fathered two children with his first wife make such a crass comment? In this digital age, Brian must be aware of how easy it is to Google. His children with Kerry are aged eleven and nine – they are able to read and, no doubt, have access to the internet. Whatever Brian’s true feelings about the marriage to Kerry, he should keep his comments to himself. Thanks to their parents’ messy divorce and their mothers’ many publicised issues with addiction and mental health problems, they have undoubtedly experienced more than they should have at their age. Their father’s comments could leave serious scars.

If Brian was, as he says in the interview, “It wasn’t until I turned thirty that I turned into an adult”, he’d exercise a little bit of self-restraint and think about how his comments could affect his children. His marriage may not have ended well but it is his responsibility to ensure that he does everything he can to maintain a stable, healthy relationship with his daughters.

Yet another shameful day for celebrities.

Vic x


2 responses to “Why I’m more irritated by celebrities than usual today.

  1. Agree with you all the way Vic, though I love my body art. What an idiot Chris Brown is to get that tattoo, or any man to have an image of violence against women tattooed on them.

  2. Chris Brown is a thug.. plain and simple. What my late friend Robert would have called an ‘oxygen thief’… someone taking up space and breathing air that is more deserving of someone else… a complete waste of time!

    What is this compulsion for ‘celebrities’ to stick their foot in their mouths… particularly in front of as large an audience as possible?

    It’s true what they say, isn’t it? Money can’t buy intelligence.

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