Random Acts of Kindness

So, winter is here. The nights are drawing in, it’s dark, it’s cold, the weather’s miserable and your summer holidays are but a distant memory. People are worried about dieting to squeeze into that Christmas party dress, others are concerned about their bank balance in the run-up to Christmas. Many people are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder.


After reading another blog, I had an idea of how we could help each other to get through the winter. Commit to a random act of kindness. It could be one thing that you’re going to do before 2012 is through – like donate some money to a charity. Maybe it’s something you could do on a weekly basis like help out at a soup kitchen. Perhaps you could help a neighbour or a family member with their shopping or their cleaning. If there’s someone you know who lives alone, maybe you could give them a quick call or send a letter, maybe pop in for 10 minutes. You could make someone breakfast in bed, carry someone’s shopping to their car – or anything you fancy; use your imagination!

My pledge is to share a smile at least once a day, even if I don’t feel like it. I honestly believe that a smile can go a long way.

There is a Guinness World Record attempt to get more than 100,000 people to commit to Random Acts of Kindness before the end of 2012. You can register your pledge here:  http://cluster.gishwhes2012.com/pledge.php  They won’t bug you with mailing list stuff unless you opt in.

I’d love to hear about your Random Acts of Kindness, what are you going to do or what’s someone done for you that’s made a difference to you?

Vic x


6 responses to “Random Acts of Kindness

  1. The other day a new friend gave me a ride to a party and then went out of her way to also give me a ride home (I don’t have a car). It was sweet of her, and it turned out that I was able to help her on the way by keeping track of directions; so it worked out both ways! 🙂

  2. Really like your blog entry, you’re right random acts of kindness, however small just like a smile can go a long way. Will bear this in mind as Christmas approaches, thanks for sharing your thoughts Vic. Carol x

  3. great concept – I hope to share a little joy by helping my local library with their talking fish today craft activity 🙂

  4. My rather random moment of kindness was last week. I saw a crow attacking , and dropping, a ‘slice of bread’. I then noticed the slice of bread start to flap and realised it was a baby duck. I ran after the crow and shooed it away and rescued the little bird, which was alive and intact. I cuddled it to me, (it, of course, was ungrateful and pooed all down my coat!) and tried to find anyone that worked in the park – no one was to be seen. In the end I decided I had better take it home, pop it in a box and keep it warm and if it survived take it back to the park. By the time I got to the car I wasn’t too sure if it was alive but it did move its head a bit. I know little creatures, like hamsters can be deceptive, and appear to be dead, when they are not, if they are in shock. I spent the next few hours carefully looking after what turned out to be a poor little dead duckling. At least I tried 😦

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