A message from Michelle Obama

Friend —

I didn’t want this to get lost in the excitement of everything that will happen tomorrow, so I wanted to take a moment, right now, to say two simple words that I cannot say enough to all of you who have traveled this journey with us: Thank you.

Thank you for the kindness, warmth, and love that you have shown me, Barack, and especially our girls — your support and your prayers mean the world to us. Thank you for the hard work and energy and passion that you have poured into this campaign — from all those hours knocking on doors and making calls to all those times you dug a little deeper and gave what you could when it was needed the most.

Like me, you have done all this because you love this country, and you care deeply about the world we’re leaving for our kids and grandkids. And you’ve done it because, for these last four years, you have had a chance to see the man I’ve known for the past 23 years: A man of honor and integrity who knows what he believes and stays true to his values. He is an honest man who knows the facts and gives them to us straight — a man whose strength and resolve to build a better tomorrow has never wavered.

With your help, over the past four years, Barack has been able to start moving this country forward. He’s rescued our economy from the brink of collapse. He’s passed health reform and ended the war in Iraq. He’s fought to help women get equal pay for equal work, make sure students can afford college, ensure that our seniors can retire with dignity, and that our veterans can get the benefits they have earned.

For four years, Barack has been fighting to give every single one of us a fair shot at that great American dream, no matter what we look like, where we come from, or who we love.

He’s been able to do all of this only because of people like you — because of your hard work, determination, and commitment.

And tomorrow, everything we’ve been working for and fighting for is at stake. Tomorrow, we will decide whether we’ll keep moving this country forward for four more years. So make sure to tell everyone you know to vote, and then help every last supporter get to the polls before tomorrow night. You can even make calls to voters from the comfort of your own home using our call tool.

Our family has been truly blessed to share these past four years with all of you — and we can’t wait to continue our work together for the next four years. So tomorrow, let’s get out there and finish what we started:


Thank you again for everything you’ve done and everything you will continue to do to bring about that change we all believe in.



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