Short but Tweet interview with Mari Hannah

Today I’m pleased to welcome back my friend Mari Hannah who is celebrating the release of her second novel ‘Settled Blood’. Mari suggested, since we’re Twitter friends, that she’d try to keep the answers to 140 characters a la Twitter.

Hi Mari, welcome back to the blog! 140 characters is short, why are we trying this unique approach today? 

I’ve injured my left thumb. I had a steroid injection today. My GP said it would make the tendon brittle. If I use it, it could snap! Ouch!

‘Settled Blood’ features DCI Kate Daniels again – can we expect many more novels featuring Kate?

Yes! The 3rd in the series ‘Deadly Deceit’ is finished & ready for publication on 11th Apr 2013. The 4th is with my agent, I’m writing the 5th.

Kate is a really original character, where did she come from?

The desire to write something different, the need to tell it like it is for a section of society otherwise unrepresented in crime fiction.

I heard she first appeared in a television pilot. Is that right?

Yes, Kate has a complicated back-story and that appealed to the BBC when I pitched an idea to them. Conflicted characters make good drama!

Do you write stories not featuring Kate or is she too strong to ignore?

Shh … she might hear you! I could never ignore Kate. She’s the reason I get up in the morning. Through her I am having such a lot of fun.

The sense of place is strong in your stories, would you ever fancy writing about somewhere else?

That’s determined by the plot. Kate may be a DCI in the murder investigation team of Northumbria Police but who knows where she’ll end up?

Have your experiences in the probation service given you plenty of inspiration?

Yes, although I’d never base a fictional character on a real one. We all use personal references to inform our writing, it’s only natural.

I’ve heard so many positive reviews regarding ‘The Murder Wall’, how does it feel to have written such a well-received first book?

The reviews were amazing. It makes me very proud indeed. I’m so grateful to every single reader who has taken the trouble to give feedback.

What’s next?

‘The Settled Blood’ launch is today. A promotion tour of bookshops & events thro’ Nov. A ‘Meet the Author’ lunch at the Authors Club. Gulp!

You can chat to Mari’s in 140 character on Twitter: @mariwriter

Download ‘The Murder Wall’ – the first in the Kate Daniels series – here:

Download ‘Settled Blood’ here:

Order ‘The Murder Wall’ in paperback:

Order ‘Settled Blood’ in paperback here:

Keep up to date with Mari on her website:


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