Review: ‘A Meeting of a Different Kind’ by Linda MacDonald.

‘A Meeting of a Different Kind’ is Linda MacDonald’s follow-up to her very successful ‘Meeting Lydia’. However, it is a wonderful stand-alone book so if you haven’t read ‘Meeting Lydia’, don’t let that put you off.

The story centres around archaeologist Edward Harvey, who is shocked when his wife Felicity inherits a great deal of money and decides to give up her job, open a restaurant and turn their home into an eco-farm. Edward is even more perturbed by the fact that Felicity has decided to do all of this without consulting him.

Luckily for Edward, he has old school-friend Marianne emailing him with helpful suggestions on how to cope with the upheaval in his life.

Marianne tells her friend Taryn all about Edward and his emails but is then betrayed when Taryn hatches a plan to prove that Edward isn’t as perfect as he appears.

This story is well-written and explores many aspects of human fragility. The characters are believable and their individual stories are well thought-out. There is plenty for the reader to become invested in and you will find yourself caring for each and every one of the characters.

This is not a boy-meets-girl typical chick lit. It examines all the different kinds of love that can exist in the world. It considers life in a realistic way and it appears MacDonald understands people, women in particular, far more deeply than most writers.

Personally, I would have preferred MacDonald to have gone even deeper with some of the psychological conditions that she alluded to but I think that is due to my interest in the subject.

All in all, ‘A Meeting of a Different Kind’ is a great read.

Vic x


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