Pete Sortwell’s Review of 2012.

Day 5 of our seasonal advent calendar sees my friend Pete Sortwell tell us what 2012 has meant to him.

Pete, 2012 has been a pretty great year for you. Do you have a favourite memory professionally?

It’s got to be hearing that my debut novel is going to be published by Caffeine Nights in 2013. It’s the end of a two-year project. I doubt a novel will take the me the same length of time again. I starting writing it with no writing experience whatsoever and I’m so proud of myself for writing something that somebody else was willing to invest in. Especially in these times of change in the publishing world. I’m also proud that I’ve proved that you can do anything you set your mind to. Seriously, if I can write a novel worth publishing, anyone can. It just takes hard work and time.

And how about a favourite moment from 2012 generally?

Finding out that I’m going to be a father for the first time. I couldn’t care less about the US elections; I struggle to feign interest in the UK ones. The Olympics were pretty cool though. I may even buy the DVD when it’s not £20, it wasn’t £20 good.

Another thing I’ve enjoyed is my first venture into Kindle publishing. It’s been a great experience and not one I expected at all. ‘The Village Idiot Reviews’ has sold much better than I ever thought it would. I’ll be continuing the process in between novels and other projects.

Favourite book in 2012?

‘Monster Man of Horror House’ by Danny King.

Favourite film of 2012?

‘Wild Bill’.

Favourite song of the year?

Erm, not sure. I don’t really have favorite songs. I have played the McVicar song by Rodger Daltry a lot though.

Any downsides for you in 2012?

Yes. Unfortunately, I lost my friend and sponsor, Dennis, in August. It’s not been a very nice experience. However, spending time with him in the last few months of his life was something I will never forget. The strength he showed during that time was something that I’ll keep with me forever. Without meeting Dennis back in 2006 I doubt any of the stuff I’ve been talking about would have happened. I’ll miss him so much but I’ll also remember all the things he taught me to be a better human being. However sad I feel about my friend passing, I’ll always be grateful for what he left behind: a new me.

Are you making resolutions for 2013

Not really, when I decide something I do it then.

What are you hoping for from 2013?

I’m hoping my daughter arrives into the world safely. I’m hoping that all the work I’ve put into ‘So Low So High’ pleases the people who pick the book up and I’m hoping to progress a little more towards my goal of jacking in the day job and writing more than I do now.

I also hope that all the people I know have a decent year and get all they want.

I think Pete’s final comment shows what a genuinely nice bloke he is. If you’d like to read more of his work, click on his Amazon Author’s Page.

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