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Darren Sant’s Review of 2012.

When I joined Twitter in 2011, I shortly realised 140 characters was not going to be enough for a chatterbox like me so I started this blog. Soon after that, I was getting followers and people tweeting me. One of those people was Darren Sant. Since then, he has become something of a mentor to me; encouraging me, connecting me with other wonderful, supportive writers and generally being a tip top dude. I’m happy Darren has taken the time out of his busy writing schedule to review his 2012 for us. 

Fave professional Memory:  This year it would have to be when Byker Books agreed to take on my Tales From The Longcroft Estate:


After the uncertainty and hassle of the whole Trestle Press problems, it was satisfying to know that my stories would live on. I’ve just submitted the second volume of TFTLE to Byker Books.

In addition to that I couldn’t be more pleased with how Near To The Knuckle is shaping up: http://www.close2thebone.co.uk/

I am passionate about fiction and love giving writers the opportunity to be published online. Reading each story that pings into our inbox is truly a delight. Craig Douglas does a lot hard work behind the scenes and I tend to be the public face of the site but it is truly a joint effort that we are both proud of.

Fave 2012 memory: I was very surly about the Olympics before it started. Consider this – if all the money that was spent on it was spent on sports in schools that truly would have been a legacy that carried on for years to come. However, I got carried away on the wave of national euphoria the same as everyone else. It seems to have been a good year for our profile as a nation. It was great to see the Paralympics getting a higher profile. Now those Olympian’s are heroes.

Fave book of 2012: Picking a favourite book is a near impossibility for me. I do so much reading. The fiction of Heath Lowrance has to be worth a mention. I recently read his novels ‘The Bastard Hand’ and ‘City of Heretics’, both are genre blending brilliance that I loved. A special mention for Allen Miles too. His novella ’18 Days’ moved me tears. Paul Brazill and the Ayris brothers have continued to blow me away with the strength of their work. I could go on all day….

Fave film of 2012:  I don’t keep up with films as much as I’d like to. ‘Skyfall’ was excellent, old style Bond as it should be done. I’ve been looking forward to seeing ‘The Hobbit’ that is out in a week as I wrote this. If they’ve done the book justice that’ll probably clinch it for me.

Fave song of 2012: Favourite music much like books is a very tough call for me. ‘Babel’ by Mumford and Sons was an exceptional album. Young Jake Bugg shows much promise too. ‘The Lion’s Roar’ by First Aid Kit is up there for me.  I like a bit of anything and everything to be honest.

Any downside?  There’s enough of those in the world without me adding to them here. As the year draws to a close I feel it’s a time to be positive. *Raises his glass and toasts happiness and good health in 2013*