Review: ‘K Parker: A Lot to Answer For’ by Lucy Harland.

K Parker A Lot To Answer For

Are you wondering what 2013 holds for you? Well, you can read how it pans out for barrister Kate Parker in this lovely chick-lit offering from Lucy Harland.

The uniqueness in this book is that it’s not narrated by anyone but the reader gets to read Kate’s texts, emails, mobile locations and social network messages. Voyeuristic it may be but this book is original and addictive.

Kate’s an independent woman with a small group of friends who continuously try to set her up on dates. She’s like Bridget Jones if Bridget actually cared about her job! Kate Parker works her socks off but knows how to enjoy life too. However, the arrival of Andy “hot” Hall in Kate’s life changes everything.

Set in the North-East, this novel is a real gem. Lucy Harland’s writing is witty, clever and full of heart. She paints her characters so vividly that I could see them in my mind. I loved reading this book and when I couldn’t read it (i.e. when at work), I was desperate to know what would happen to the characters! It is compulsive reading.

If you like Cecelia Aherne, Sophie Kinsella and Adele Parks, you have to read Lucy Harland’s debut novel.

I can’t wait to read her next offering!

Vic x

Download ‘K Parker: A Lot to Answer For’ here: 


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