Review: ‘The End of Everything’ by Megan Abbott.

The End of Everything

‘The End of Everything’ is the story of two teenage friends, Evie and Lizzie. Somewhere in between adolescence and adulthood, Lizzie narrates the story. When Evie goes missing, it is up to Lizzie to find her without giving her best friend’s secrets away.

Abbott’s writing is detailed and conjures up a very vivid picture. Her description of the characters and the setting are really detailed. The pace of the narrative is languid despite the desperation Lizzie feels when Evie disappears but the pace doesn’t seem out of kilter. The complex relationship between Evie and her father and how Lizzie seems to almost step into Evie’s shoes when she disappears is a really original idea.

This book reminded me of ‘The Virgin Suicides’ by Jeffrey Eugenides where the narrator demonstrates an innocence laced with sexual awakening. The story is original and compelling with a truly unexpected ending.

Vic x

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