Review: ‘Settled Blood’ by Mari Hannah

Settled Blood

A young girl is found at the base of Hadrian’s Wall and DCI Kate Daniels is called in to investigate. Shortly after the gruesome discovery, a prominent businessman reports his daughter missing. A pattern begins to form. As the investigation delves into the seedier side of the north-east, a number of suspects emerge and begin to complicate matters further for Daniels.

If you read ‘The Murder Wall’ by Mari Hannah, you will be aware that Kate Daniels is a complex, intelligently written character with plenty of skeletons in her own closet to contend with as well as being head of an investigative team. Her team, too, are believable characters with very human problems. This makes the story all the more realistic.

‘Settled Blood’ is absolutely compelling, I didn’t want to put it down. Almost everyone is a suspect in this fast-paced, intelligent thriller. I love Hannah’s ability to evoke a certain feeling that relates specifically to the north-east of England, her understanding of the locale and her wonderful descriptions add a lot to her clever narratives.

I cannot wait to read the next Kate Daniels novel.

Vic x

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