Review: ‘Canada’ by Richard Ford.


Another 20p Kindle bargain and what a bargain it turned out to be. 

From the first line, I was completely enthralled in the story of fifteen year old Dell Parsons and the way in which his life was changed by one stupid, out of character decision made by his parents. While Dell thinks of Bonnie and Clyde, his retired Air Force supply officer father and his mother, a schoolteacher hatch a plan to rob a bank.

The fall-out from this poorly planned and terribly executed crime spans the remainder of Dell and his twin sister Berner’s lives. Shortly after their parents’ arrest, Berner runs away while Dell is smuggled across the border to Canada to live with a fellow American exile. Once in Canada, Dell is expected to grow up fast and he is exposed to yet more crime and drama.

‘Canada’ is a slow-burner and it is a book I enjoyed taking my time with. Richard Ford’s storyline is further enhanced by his rich descriptions of the people and places Dell encounters.

This is a well thought-out, original story about family, snap decisions and consequences that can last forever.

Vic x


One response to “Review: ‘Canada’ by Richard Ford.

  1. My sister has gone Kindle bargain mad since she got her Kindle Fire. It’s good to know that a book which is a slow burn can work effectively. But it does take careful writing. Reminding me how closely I need t look at my character development in my current work. Thanks for posting Vic.

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