Cinema Etiquette.

Last night, The Boy Wonder and I went to see ‘Side Effects ‘. I enjoyed the film but, like many of the films we’ve been to see recently, the enjoyment was somewhat hampered by the ignorance of our fellow audience members.


I am sick of at least two adverts shown before each main attraction in multiplexes are appeals to the audience to not let their phones ruin the film for others. Whenever I see these ads, I get angry and think about the ‘Nanny state’ – shouldn’t we, as adults, know that using mobile phones in the cinema is a no-no?

Obviously, I was wrong. Throughout the showing last night, a woman in the row in front of me, checked her phone every few minutes, sent texts, checked Facebook and showed her companion whatever she was looking at. I actually don’t think I could have been more distracted if she’d sat and had a conversation on the phone. The light on the screen of the phone drew my eye to it every time she looked at the mobile (which was every few minutes). If you don’t feel you can get through 90 minutes without checking your phone, wait until the film comes out on DVD.

Here’s another bug bear. Why do people come to the cinema to then sit and chat throughout the film? Again, please wait until you can watch the film in the comfort of your own home if you want to give a running commentary of it / have a completely unrelated conversation.

One girl, two seats away from me, was sitting on her own for all of the trailers. I presumed she was on her own. Her companion only appeared during the open credits (I’m still trying to work out where he’d been for 20 mins seeing as the cinema was relatively quiet), carrying two enormous (and luminous) slushies. Perhaps the girl was also wondering where he’d been as they started to have a rather loud and extensive conversation. Just what you want at the cinema.

And while I’m on, why have cinemas started selling the noisiest food possible? Sweets with plastic bags were bad enough but crisps?! Not only do the bags make a noise but it’s impossible to eat crisps without crunching. Now, I’m a big fan of crisps myself but I would never eat them in a cinema. Same goes for nachos. The fact that cinemas are encouraging people by supplying them is just nonsense.

Stop selling these in the cinema, PLEASE.

I may sound like a killjoy but if you want to eat noisy food, have a chat and check your phone – please stay at home, some of us are trying to watch a film.

Vic x



2 responses to “Cinema Etiquette.

  1. Have just had the experience of having to listen to people in the seats behind me at the theatre whispering throughout the first Act – the guy had obviously had to learn one of the speeches for something and he stage whispered the lines just ahead of the actor. Come the second half the girl he was with whispered and giggled, opened her can of fizzy drink directly behind my head and crackled sweet wrappers…was so tempted to tell them to shut it… :-/

  2. I’ve reached the conclusion that most people aren’t really there in person, though their bodies are. They’re somewhere else, and aren’t aware at all of the way their behavior affects others sitting around them. Like the guy I saw on a Seattle area freeway several years ago who was yakking so furiously on his cell phone that he actually forgot he was driving and stopped in the middle his lane! Yikes! Fortunately, no accident resulted.

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