I hit the gym!

For my birthday in February (yes, you missed it), I asked The Boy Wonder to buy me a six-week gym membership. Most of you will be wondering why. Seeing as I am possibly the laziest, least active person most people have ever met, I understand your confusion. I will just state that I have an autoimmune disease which means my body attack itself and therefore makes me extremely tired all the time but I’ve decided to take control and stop sitting on my ever-expanding behind.

I’m due to be my best friend’s bridesmaid at the beginning of June which leaves me 3 months to lose some of this dreadful weight. I intend to renew my gym pass when it expires in 6 weeks.

What you’re probably all expecting is a blog post about how much I hate the gym and all the muscle-bound beefcakes in it. Well, today is not the day for that post (although I’m pretty sure I will write a jealous, intimidated post very soon).

What this post is about is how impressed I am with my local gym. It’s council owned but it’s better than any private gym I’ve attended in the past. It’s clean, spacious, well-stocked and even has its own spa. Now, what better incentive to exercise than telling yourself you can visit the spa after your workout?

I had my induction last Monday. The girl who took me through the machines was chatty, friendly and completely empathetic of my non-existent fitness. She was completely supportive and advised me against overdoing it but she didn’t mollycoddle me to the point of saying “Don’t exercise”. I did 16.5 mins on Monday.

On Friday, after 2 hellish days in general, I battled against myself and went to the gym.

“You’re feeling naff” said the little devil on my shoulder, “Buy some sweets and go and lie on the sofa”. I was so tempted.

But I went to the gym solely so that I could justify lying about in the sauna and hot tub afterwards. I did 23.5 mins on Friday. This may not seem a lot to people who exercise frequently but, to me, this is a massive deal.

As a complete germ phobe, I am wary of communal things like pools, gyms and spas but the one I visit pretty much sparkles. And I can use any of the 5 venues in the borough through this one membership! Aces.

I complain a lot about people and places and politics but today, I salute North Tyneside Council.

Vic x

As this is my 399th blog post, I’ve decided to do a Q&A for my 400th post. You guys ask the questions and I’ll answer them!


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