The Most Infuriating Article I’ve Read in a Long Time

OK, along with thousands of other people in the UK, I am not a fan of Liz Jones. Her articles tend to provoke an eye roll from me and perhaps a pitiful snort of derision at how low this woman continuously sinks in order to have something to write about. Thankfully, I don’t happen across her work often but, sadly, today I have and it has made my blood boil.

Earlier this week, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne was pictured getting out of his chauffeured SUV at a service station. His driver had parked in a disabled space. There’ve been plenty of jokes circulating about it but now Ms Jones has decided to wade in on the argument.

Her article, published on the Daily Fail’s website (yes, that’s what many people call it) yesterday ranges from an unashamed admission that she frequently parks in spaces for disabled people to self-pity and discriminatory remarks. Here’s the link for the most outrageous and disgusting article I have read in ages:–Land-Rover.html

Can I also just ask: who reads her articles when they’re submitted and thinks they’re acceptable? For example, this comment

“Not parking in a bay expressly designed for people with no arms or legs or eyes (why are they driving?).”

It’s neither funny or fair.

Liz Jones says she makes a point of parking in disabled bays. She says there are too many disabled spaces in Richmond – has she done a survey? Her only “evidence” of there being too many disabled parking spaces: “Have you ever seen seven paraplegics, all at once, at your local cinema? No.” 

Does she know how many people require these spaces to make going out possible? Does Ms Jones know how it feels to be in so much pain that a walk from your car to the supermarket could render you unable to do anything for days after that? I think not. 

Liz says her refusal to respect the users of these spaces is a protest against the red tape required to obtain a badge. She cites her mum’s difficulties in getting a badge. If this was the only reason she was doing it, I’d try to understand her point but she has written a flippant, offensive article that shows she will sink as low as using her own mother as excuse to be a thoughtless, disrespectful idiot.

The fact that the article veers wildly from her complaining about disabled bays to parent and child bays shows she has no concept of what an opinion piece should look like – this was pretty much stream of consciousness. I, personally, would never compare disabled bays with parent and child reserved parking as I don’t think they are comparable.

However, I guess Liz decided to mention parent and child parking as a way of dropping into the article that she is childless. “Given IVF is now on the NHS, being childless is an illness, non?” No, it’s not – it’s nothing like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, paraplegia among other disabilities. Being childless can be emotionally crippling for people who desperately want children but I gather from Ms Jones’s sentence that she is simply being provocative.

Oh, but wait, Liz says she is disabled. Apparently, she’s deaf. Again, the paragraphs written about her poor hearing demonstrate her self-centred, self-pitying personality. Has she ever considered what it feels like to have a condition that impinges on your daily life so badly that you have to ask a partner, a child, or a nurse to help you get dressed, bathe and eat? Has she ever thought about how embarrassing it is to truly need these spaces? I’ve never met someone who want to use these spaces – it’s a necessity.

And, by the way, some of these conditions have periods of remission. Many of them are invisible so to look at a person you may not know the amount of pain they are in or the damage that is going on inside them.

If you want their spaces so badly, Ms Jones, do you want their conditions too? Do you want to be unable to feed yourself? Do you want to have to use special medical equipment at home to be able to do things that most people do without thinking about it? Would you like to go on hundreds of hospital visits, be prodded and poked by doctors and have litres of blood taken every couple of weeks? How about pumping your body full of drugs that may destroy your vital organs or give you a terminal disease but the alternative is being unable to survive comfortably? Do you fancy operations and tests beyond your wildest imagination? How about being unable to travel or, if you do, having to consider whether your medication is legal in the country you’re visiting or having to make extra arrangements for the equipment (like oxygen canisters) you have to take with you?

Didn’t think so.

Vic x


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