Getting to Know You: Carol Fenwick

Today I have the lovely Carol Fenwick here to give all of you writers out there some advice. Carol did her Masters in Creative Writing at Teesside University so she knows her stuff!

Vic x

Carol Fenwick

How would I define writing? A powerful tone or voice that gives resonance to someone either as a narrative e.g. a life story (auto) biographical, a novel or spoken word, oral storytelling, or what we now describe as performance poetry.

To me writing is more than the words on paper. Appreciation of words is a maxim of mine, what is important is how a tale or story is told.

My rules on writing are as follows:

  • Writers write.
  • You need to learn the rules before they can break them. Read as much as you can and write as much as possible. Never make the mistake of thinking you can break rules without learning your craft. I have learnt the hard way.
  • Listen to the lecturers on writing courses and apply yourself in your learning. Hard work and perfecting your craft is important as is everything in life.
  • Be your own harshest critic but be constructive with others. There is nothing worse or more cowardly than someone who criticises you but does not have the guts to apply their criticisms to themselves. You need to be ruthless when it comes to your own writing, as one lecturer memorably told me: “You got to kill your babies”. In  this context, your babies are the bits of writing you love but that are irrelevant to the story. Constant repetition, typos, spelling mistakes, grammar errors you name it. If you won’t be hard on yourself there will always be a troll or even a writing critic that will be harsher. So you’ve got to try to make it as perfect as possible. That’s the hard part. But it is also a fun challenge.
  • Don’t give up – life is a learning curve and so is writing. 

My final point is that writing is a craft and we are all still learning, so learn as much as you can when possible. This is a rule that I have a tendency to break as a busy lifestyle, like having young children, can lessen the time you spend on writing. Having children can be ultimately inspirational. I developed plenty of ideas for poems and children’s stories through talking and playing with my son.

If you would like to read more of my work, I have two books, ‘Modern Proverbs: Stories from Spain and Gibraltar‘ and ‘Light and Shade‘, available on Amazon. Both selections of short stories are also available on

Please consider joining my group, Copper Beech and Silver Birch Publishing for information on how you can get works published:!/groups/142681622567914/

I also have a children’s publishing service page on facebook. Please feel free to like. The link is below:!/MuckyPupsAndChinaDolls


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