Sjogren’s surprise (and not a nice one).

It’s with genuine disappointment that I write this blog post. As most of you will know, I was diagnosed with Sjogren’s Syndrome earlier this year after 21 years of recurrent peaks and troughs in my health.

I had been poorly since Feb 2011 “this time” but felt that, following a regular gym routine, I was slowly improving and coming out of this flare. 2013 has been a year of massive improvements for me and I have been really proud of myself. Recently, I have been congratulating myself on maintaining a decent standard of living which incorporated work, a social life and education.

However, today I was diagnosed with a sinus infection and pleurisy following a bout of flu last week. I can’t describe to you the misery I have felt over the last five days since falling ill. I am trying to remain positive and see this as a minor setback but there is a nagging worry at the back of my mind that whispers “This could go on for months”. I’ve been prescribed antibiotics and I’m aware that antibiotics sometimes knock me down. I’m trying to remain positive whilst still resting and allowing my body to repair itself.

That’s the miserable thing about Sjogren’s – and other autoimmune diseases – you can go into remission for years and feel that you’ve “beaten it” but the fact remains that it can rear its ugly head again. I don’t know about any other patients but I know that over the last few days I have been petrified. I do not want to go back to those miserable days where I can’t even get out of bed, never mind get dressed and go to work.

I will continue to try to strike the balance between rest and positivity. I refuse to give in.

Vic x


3 responses to “Sjogren’s surprise (and not a nice one).

  1. I am cheering you on…. I think you know what to do: breathe deep, eat well, sleep, and give your body everything it needs to heal. This, too, shall pass. Xxx

  2. Come and stay with me…xx

  3. Sorry to hear it, hope you feel better soon.

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