Review: ‘Weather to Fly’ at Live Theatre, 10/10/13.

Weather to fly

I am not someone who is usually lost for words but, even several days after seeing ‘Weather to Fly’ at Live Theatre in Newcastle, I am still struggling to verbalise the magnificence of this wonderful debut from writer Allison Davies.

Having known Allison for several years – we met during our Masters at Northumbria University – I have seen her talent take on a life of its own and this, her first “proper” play, showed me just how she has honed her craft.

Allison has a wonderful knack of nicking dialogue from anywhere and everywhere and it shows – the conversations between her characters are realistic and show a flare for understanding the things that go unspoken. A lot of the brilliance in this play are the things that are left unsaid.

The cast and crew bring this play to life perfectly and I must say that everything, from the lighting to the musical interludes were spot on. Also, I loved the juxtaposition with members of the audience being given free chocolate at the beginning of the show with the actual meaning of the “treat” when put in the context of this storyline.

My reaction to this play was visceral and I find myself unable to stop thinking about it. Allison Davies – along with OddManOut Theatre Company – have set the bar very high.

Here are what some other audience members thought:

Allison Davies’ Weather to Fly’ is a painful and visceral examination of love, loss and societies complacency. A brave and provocative debut – it grips you by the throat and doesn’t let go.” Michelle Fox.

Allison really nailed the dialogue especially when the two boys were revealing their loves. So clever and subtle with the reveal. As the man from the BBC said “it’s all about dialogue”! But the set was very clever, using minimal props effectively. The leading lady was terrific and totally believable and heartbreaking. Can’t wait for the next production – well done wor lass!” Moira Conway.

‘Weather to Fly’ is on at Arts Centre, Washington on Thursday 17th October, Queen’s Hall Arts Centre, Hexham on Friday 18th October and closes at Seaton Delaval Arts Centre on Saturday 20th October. If you haven’t seen it yet, you absolutely must.

Vic x



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