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Howard Linskey reviews his 2013.

I’m dead (see what I did there?!) happy to have Howard Linskey on the blog. His books are very popular with my friends and family, here he is to review his 2013. 

Vic x

Howard Linskey

2013 has been a great year for you. Do you have a favourite memory professionally?

My second novel ‘The Damage’ getting to number 2 in the Amazon Kindle chart, rubbing shoulders with JK Rowling, Dan Brown and John Grisham along the way, was probably the highlight of another very good year. That was pretty special.

Having a very lively launch party for my latest book ‘The Dead’ was a great memory too, as I felt like I deserved a few drinks with good friends to celebrate its completion.

And how about a favourite moment from 2013 generally?

Taking my seven year old daughter on a plane for the first time was a memorable moment for me. We had a great family holiday visiting some very good friends in Austria.

The news was of course dominated by a new pope and a royal baby, both of which left me almost catatonic with apathy, as they involved hereditary royalty and organized religion, both of which baffle and annoy me. I did enjoy watching Andy Murray win Wimbledon though, after all those years of near-misses. Fair play to him.

Favourite book in 2013?

Megan Abbott’s ‘Dare Me’ was refreshingly different. I like crime novels that go beyond murder and police procedure. This one explored the human psyche in a believable way, focusing on the intense relationship between high school girls and their glamorous, new teacher, who has a dark secret.

Favourite film of 2013?

Rush’, ‘World War Z’, ‘Gravity’, ‘World’s End’ and ‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ were just some of the movies I was looking forward to…but missed. Thanks to the joys of parenthood it was mostly DVDs for me in 2013 rather than cinema trips, unless you count ‘The Smurfs 2’, which I really don’t. I did get to see ‘Argo’ though, which was good, so I’ll go with that one; at least until ‘Rush’ comes out on DVD.

Favourite song of the year?

I can hardly remember any songs from 2013 if I’m honest. I did spend a few weeks painting my house at the beginning of the year before we moved in and had the radio on in the background. ‘Mirrors’ by Justin Timberlake was played a lot and I quite liked it. I understand Justin is a clean-cut sort of chap who is popular with the younger generation, so I’ll pick that and I can pretend I am down-with-the-kids.

The Dead

Any downsides for you in 2013?

Writing is always two steps forward and one back so, as usual, there were numerous knockbacks, near-misses and slaps in the face but I try not to dwell on the crap moments and instead focus on the good ones. Thankfully there were plenty of those too.

Are you making resolutions for 2014?

I don’t do that, as I have very little will power, and would end up feeling bad when my resolutions lasted a matter of hours.  The only thing I’ve ever successfully given up on New Year’s Eve is making resolutions.

What are you hoping for from 2014?

I’m hoping I’ll get my latest book completed. It features new characters and is a departure from my David Blake stories, so it’s uncharted territory for me. My main hope, other than finishing it, is that people might actually like the bloomin’ thing when it’s finally done.

If Santa was to bring you any one thing you wanted on Xmas morning, what would it be?

A trophy for Newcastle United. “Dear Santa could Newcastle please win something one day; anything, really? I have been a very good boy, honest. Well, kind of.”

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