A poem about Sjogren’s Syndrome (by me).

I think I’ve tried everything
Reading and gymming,
Meditating, swimming.
Pep talks and dressing-downs,
Smiles despite deep-down frowns.
Chocolate then diet,
Don’t want to die yet.
Doctors and pills,
Physios with pins.
Positive mental attitude,
For what I have, gratitude.
Lying in bed,
Shopping ‘til I’m in the red.
Nothing’s worked yet,
But my job’s under threat.
What can I do?
It’s making me blue.
Fingertips and toes,
Nothing that shows.
Look ‘normal’ on the outside,
From people I’ve shied.
I’m scared of their germs,
Their “When will you learn?”s.
Eyes flicking,
Tongues clicking.
Not even thirty,
No longer flirty.
Fat, limpy,
Pathetic, wimpy.
They don’t know how it feels,
The shit life deals.
The never knowing,
When pain will come flowing.
“It’s just dry eyes”,
Said one.
Tell my lungs and kidneys that,
You Pratt.
But I won’t give up,
I’ll pee in those cups.
I’ll give pints of blood,
Let them hear my heart thud.
No grins,
I’ll do anything.

Vic x


4 responses to “A poem about Sjogren’s Syndrome (by me).

  1. Great poem, shedding light on something, that will no doubt help to inspire others with sjogrens or related illnesses. Terrific work Vic! xx

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  3. Just want to come down there and give you a hug, Vic. Great poem which will resonate with other sufferers and help to educate others. You are an inspiration and I know you will get back on your feet. xx

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