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If you were a regular reader of this blog, you may have noticed it became private in September 2014. If you tried to visit this blog after that, you will have seen that you were unable to access the blog unless you’d been given special access by me. My Twitter and Instagram pages were also on lock-down. You might have wondered why this change occurred.

Well, I was given a wonderful opportunity to work with young people and, because of safeguarding policies, I had to make my blog and all of my social media private. It’s pretty standard procedure in order to protect not only the students but also the staff.

In those months, I found it pointless to post to this blog as no-one would see what I wrote but lots has happened. I will be updating the blog as much as possible over the next few weeks to try and catch up.

I found December particularly challenging as I missed reading a different review of 2014 every day by a range of interesting people. Lots of people contacted me in November to ask if I’d be running the reviews but sadly there was little point. I was heartened, though, by the number of people who contacted me to say they, too, were missing the reviews. I know it’s late but I am going to post my own review of 2014 because it was such a brilliant year, I’d like to recap it.

You may now be wondering why, all of a sudden, the blog is now back in the public domain. I have moved on to pastures new and I’m now free to blog again. Happily, this coincides with a wonderful new idea I’m trialling through my business, Elementary V Watson. For more info, please click here.

Vic x


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