Review of 2015: Tess Makovesky

When this blog was reopened in April, Tess Makovesky was one of the first people who wrote a post. I’m happy to welcome Tess back to the blog after what has been a great 2015  for her. Thanks for taking the time to review your 2015, Tess!

Vic x


2015 was brilliant for you. Do you have a favourite memory professionally?

The year is full of great memories – stories written, stories accepted, stories appearing in anthologies and magazines including Betty Fedora #1, ‘Last Word‘ (Joyride Press), Rogue‘ (Near to the Knuckle), and ‘Shotgun Honey presents: Locked & Loaded‘ (One Eye Press). However, the absolute stand-out moment from the year was getting an email to say that Caffeine Nights had accepted my debut novella ‘Raise the Blade‘ for publication in 2016. I was so excited I actually stopped breathing!


And how about a favourite moment from 2015 generally?

Well, that Caffeine Nights thing takes some beating. But there have been many other great occasions including my second Crime & Publishment writing course in March, the first Crime Writing Weekend in Carlisle in June, and the CSI: Southampton event in October. And standing in the pouring rain under a brolly listening to a group of buskers playing Bach’s Cantata & Fugue in D Minor during a birthday trip to Bruges was pretty special too!

Drag Noir

Favourite book in 2015?

Hmm, tricky one. I don’t seem to have had nearly enough time to read during the year so I haven’t actually finished that many books – and some of those were disappointing. However, stand-outs include ‘Chess Men‘, the third in Peter May’s Lewis crime series, and the rather delightful ‘Salmon Fishing in the Yemen‘.

Favourite film of 2015?

Definitely ‘Only Lovers Left Alive‘, a mesmerising art-house vampire movie by Jim Jarmusch. The beautifully-orchestrated scenes and thumping soundtrack have stayed with me for months. The less said about some of the blockbusters, though, (cough ‘Spectre‘ cough) the better…

Favourite song of the year?

I’m going to totally cheat here and say Brain Damage‘ by Pink Floyd. It wasn’t exactly produced in 2015 (so sue me!) but it forms a large part of the inspiration behind ‘Raise the Blade’ (Floyd fans and the eagle-eyed amongst you might recognise that title…) so it’s come to mean a great deal to me.

Any downsides for you in 2015?

The usual round of rejections, and the first couple of months spent getting over major surgery at the back end of the previous year. But apart from that, it’s been a surprisingly good year.

Are you making resolutions for 2016?

I never make resolutions because I don’t keep them and then I get grumpy about it. Far better to just keep on trying, learning and gaining experience day by day.

What are you hoping for from 2016?

It feels like tempting fate to say ‘more of the same’ but well, you know… I’d absolutely love to get a second novella accepted somewhere, and to finish writing my third. And I’m really looking forward to meeting more friends and colleagues at writing events, open mic nights and the like during the year. Bring it on!


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