Joy in the Car

Sorry to interrupt these wonderful 2015 reviews (thanks to Andrew for taking part today) but I’d like to introduce readers of this blog to a new initiative I’m undertaking.

While undergoing some coaching with the lovely Nicola Sokell today, I committed to doing at least one thing for myself every day. I made a list of things that make me happy. Those things include:

  • Driving in the countryside with The Boy Wonder
  • Spending time with my friends, laughing
  • Achieving things
  • Putting on writing events for other people to share their work with a wider audience
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Singing in the car

I also agreed to try journalling, which I’ve never really done before.

After my session with Nicola today, I decided to give singing in the car a go because I saw it as a ‘quick win’ today – I was already out and about, why not try to gee myself up with some singing? It was not as easy as I hoped. I became worried that I was over-thinking something that usually brought me joy and therefore ruining it.

However, after a haircut and a change of perspective, I got back in the car and decided to just let it happen. And it worked. I arrived home feeling buoyant and cheerful.

I have a tendency to start things for myself and then let them fall by the wayside. I don’t want my daily joy to disappear and so, to this end, I have decided to post on social media every day so that you guys can keep me on track. I plan to post my favourite song of each day under the hashtag #joyinthecar on Facebook and Twitter. Feel free to get involved, comment on the videos or post your own. Please help me stay on track with this!

Vic x


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