Review of 2015: KA Richardson

The lovely KA Richardson joins us on the blog today to review her 2015. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her on several occasions as well as reading her work and, I’ve got to say, it’s always a pleasure!

Vic x

KA Richardson

Favourite memory professionally:
Wow, 2015 has been an awesome year all round – it’s so hard just to pick one! I think probably one major one was getting the email from my publisher, Caffeine Nights, with my cover designs on! I love the one for my short story, Escape, which is out in January as a freebie courtesy of my publisher (and was edited by the lovely Vic!!) but the one for my novel just blew me away! I actually shrieked and, trust me, I’m not one for shrieking! I absolutely loved everything about it – the design, the font – just everything. It made the upcoming release seem even more evident! It’s out in March 2016 – and it’s called With Deadly Intent – further details will be forthcoming very soon! Other amazing memories include time spent with other fantastic authors like Eileen Wharton, Sheila Quigley, Col Bury, Graham Smith, Howard Linskey and Mari Hannah among others, at various events through the year. I still find it amazing how supportive and lovely everyone is.


Favourite moment from 2015:
Again impossible to choose just the one moment – life is made up of so many fabulous ones! I just want to grab them and squeeze tight and never let go! Harrogate Crime Festival is always a favourite – it’s lovely catching up with my writer friends, but lovely to meet readers too! Like the fantabulous Tracy Fenton, founder of THE Book Club on Facebook, and her equally fabulous cohorts. TBC does an awesome job of uniting readers and writers – I’ve made so many friends through it and look forward to meeting many more! My annual holiday with my hubby, Peter, is always a strong moment – quality time, just us (and my laptop and kindle haha). My yearly winter visit to Scotland to see the relatives there – even more awesome though this year – me and my mum, Jeannet, are very close anyway but spending time together and seeing relatives, then having the best weekend in Edinburgh was just the icing on the cake.

Favourite book of 2015:
Goodness, that’s a tough one – I’m shocking at being pinned down on one! In fact I simply can’t. Some of my faves this year though were Alone in the Dark by Karen Rose – I adore Karen’s writing and always get her new release as a birthday gift to myself. This year’s did not disappoint! I also read all of Irish Winter’s In the Company of Snipers series whilst on holiday – loved every one of them. Amazing writing style and at times they made me cry which is fab! Poppet by Mo Hayder had be checking the doors and windows – can’t wait to get stuck into Wolf! The Sound of Silence by Sheila Quigley – another awesome read. The Estate Series by Mel Sheratt also fab (and all her others are on the to read list!) Col Bury’s My Kind of Justice pops to mind too. Honestly, I could go on and on – I will stop though otherwise you’d literally be here all of 2016 reading!

Favourite film of 2015:
I don’t like these questions – too much choice and far too many films! Some of my faves though were San Andreas, Jurassic World (which I’ve seen about 6 times now), Fast and the Furious 7 – oh so poignant with Paul Walker’s passing. Avengers Age of Ultron – again I will stop! I don’t get paid by IMDB I swear!

Favourite song of 2015:
This isn’t quite so hard – I adore music of all kinds so Luke Bryan’s new album rocks, Charlie Puth made me cry many times with See You Again, and I love Sam Smith’s Writing’s on the Wall.

Downsides to 2015:

I won’t fib – 2015 was a tough one. Our dog Koda had to be put to sleep which was truly devastating, even though it was the right thing to do as he was in pain. It took me months to be able to think about him without crying and can still break down now at the daftest reminder. I had been ill myself and found out I had an autoimmune disease – Rheumatoid Arthritis – which most people think is an old person disease and you often hear things like ‘Oh I’ve got that in my hand’ – it’s really not that simple – my body literally attacks itself causing severe pain and swelling, and is accompanied by the most horrendous fatigue. That said, I found out I have an autoimmune disease – which was also a good thing as it meant I could put a name to how I felt and understand it much better. After 3 years of tests from the GP to find out why I felt wretched all the time, getting this news was actually a relief!


Will you be making resolutions for 2016?
To be honest this is a no – I’m terrible for making resolutions then not sticking to them. Goals will be achieved, work will be done, but not because I made any resolutions.

Hopes for 2016:
Realistic ones I think! I hope my short story is likeable enough that people want to read the novel which follows on, albeit several years later. I hope my novel does well and at least one person shows at my signings! I hope I don’t get stage fright when am on a panel at Crimefest in Bristol (eek!!). I hope to spend time making other people happy and continuing to be as positive as I can. And naturally I hope to continue working with the lovely Darren Laws of Caffeine Nights on novels beyond Book 1. And to keep meeting people and interacting. Oh, and that the competition winners (YES I WILL BE DOING COMPETITIONS AROUND THE NOVEL RELEASE) love their prizes! And lastly, I hope 2016 is a great year for everyone I know and love, and all those I don’t.

 Visit Kerry’s website where she posts info and her monthly blog. She’s very happy for people to comment and interact. 

Caffeine Nights are Kerry’s publisher and their website contains a melee of fantastic authors and books for sale.

You can find KA Richardson on Facebook and Twitter @kerryann77


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  1. Thanks for the mention! Pleasure to meet you too. x

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