Review of 2015: Jon Wigglesworth

Today sees the lovely Jon Wigglesworth take over the blog to review his 2015. Jon was the opening at at Blood from the Quill and his poetic style of prose is something to behold. The writing Jon produces in Elementary Writers sessions is always impressive. 

Thanks for being involved, Jon!

Vic x

Jon Wigglesworth

Do you have a favourite memory professionally?
Getting some freelance work through at last. As a proofreader/copywriter/ writer in general, I love working with words and ideas.

Favourite moment from 2015 in general?
That’d be the time I spent in Japan, the place and culture is amazing. I’m hoping to go back next year for a road trip, so I’ll be able to bundle blog about the two experiences.

Favourite book in 2015?
Gone Girl. What could be better to read about than the mutual psychopath tendencies involved in marriage?!

Favourite song of the year?
Anything from RED’s album that came out in February; Beauty and Rage. I use music to inspire my writing a lot. Often when I’m listening to something, I’ll get an idea for a scene and then an entire story will build up around it.

Any downsides to 2015?
It’s been a lonely year working from home!

Are you making resolutions for 2016?
I’ve been told that I come across as ‘grumpy’ so I’ll be working on my expression, I think!

What are you hoping for from 2016?
Starting my freelance site up, some success with it maybe? (Please?) Also, I think I’d like to see myself at more writing events. So that would depend on me actually writing more too!


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