Review of 2015: Michael Fowler

The online writing community has been a brilliant support to me throughout my writing journey. Meeting other authors at book launches and the like has helped me get to know others who write. Then one friend introduces you to another and so on. I’ve recently been introduced to Michael Fowler and he is here today to review his 2015. 
Thanks for being involved, Michael!
Vic x
Michael Fowler
What was your favourite writing moment of 2015, Michael?
2015 saw the launch of book number seven, following my retirement from the police service in 2006 and features a female detective playing the lead role. This was a new departure for me, and developing Detective Scarlett Macey, although exciting, wasn’t an easy task by any means. However, the finished result was far better than I planned, and she has been very well received and already the publisher have had to print a second run of ‘Scream, You Die‘, such has been the demand. I am pleased to say she will be featuring in a second book, though I will not be letting go of my DS Hunter Kerr series. I am in the middle of his next venture which will be published in September 2016. It’s current working title is ‘Shadow of the Beast‘, and sees Hunter battling a nasty villain, dubbed The Beast of Barnwell, who I have alluded to in previous novels.
Favourite moment of 2015 in general?
That would have to be an e-mail I received only last week from the book coordinator on behalf of Head of BBC Drama. She informed me that they have requested my true crime novel, Safecracker, which details the exploits of an infamous safe blower from Sheffield who worked for London’s biggest ever crime boss during the 60’s and 70’s, as ‘an interest for a future BBC drama.’  I have my fingers crossed that this will develop.
Favourite book? 
Not one book but a series of three written by Peter May. The Blackhouse, The Lewis Man and The Chessmen all had terrific descriptions, setting, characters and storyline and delivered everything I want from reading.
Favourite film?
I love edge of the seat, adrenalin rush, action films and Mission Impossible IV gave me all of that. Though at the time of writing this I am waiting in anticipation to see the new Star Wars movie.
Hopes for 2016?
I would like to get my Hunter Kerr series translated for the foreign markets – anyone out there can help with that?
You can visit Michael’s website  or follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

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