Review of 2015: Sharon Jones

Sharon Jones is a saxophonist, Labyrinth-enthusiast and all-round fab friend. It’s a pleasure to welcome her back to the blog. Thanks for doing this, Sharon!
Vic x
Sharon Jones
Do you have a favourite memory professionally from 2015?
This was the first year I have stepped away from the daily grind and have taken some time out. I left my full time job around March and decided to stay off work till the New Year. The idea was to write, play my saxophone and just slow down a bit.To quote Ferris Bueller “Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. So my favourite memory professionally was the day I stopped to look around.
And how about a favourite moment from 2015 generally? 
This is hard as there’s been so many great moments and meeting Rick Wakeman on the way to Cape Verde, Jools Holland in a tiny bar in Amsterdam & Luke Morley from Thunder whilst filming a rock themed cooking show are just 3 of those.
I wrote an article in May for the online magazine about the film ‘Labyrinth’. To say I am a massive fan of the film is an understatement. It was my most successful article for the magazine and has had 9.3k shares so far. I know in the world of youtube and millions of hits per post this may not seem a lot to some but I remember thinking that I was alone in my complete and utter adoration of the film.
Watching the activity as the piece gained momentum was really thrilling. I don’t know if that will ever happen again but I feel very proud that something so close to my heart has been enjoyed by so many.
Favourite book read in 2015?
I really enjoyed Random by Craig Robertson. I do enjoy gritty, serial killer stories and I really liked the way this book flowed. I had never read anything by him before and I also bought Snapshot and Cold Grave to read. The only reason why I haven’t read the follow up books is because I decided to re-read all the Harry Potter books. My friend Lewis does this in the lead up to Christmas and I thought that sounded such a great idea. So I hopped on board the Hogwarts express and will head back to Glasgow in 2016.
Favourite film of 2015?
Having this time out is making this decision really hard. I have seen ALL the films this year. One that stands out is the rad 80’s influenced, post-apocalyptic madness of ‘Turbo Kid’. In my opinion it’s totally underrated and a sci-fi\horror classic of the future.
Favourite song of 2015?
I have been very late to the party when it comes to the awesome TV series ‘Sons of Anarchy’. I have binged watched it this month and I’m totally hooked. Initially I was drawn to because an old friend kept posting music from it on Facebook and it’s the kind of music I love. There is a song used in Season 1: Episode 13 performed by Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers called ‘John the Revelator’. It’s the perfect use of music alongside the story that is unfolding on screen. I’ve listened to it over 30 times in the last 2 days!
Any downsides for you in 2015?
After a very heartbreaking situation in August I hit a low point. I’m usually a very bubbly and naturally happy soul but I felt completely overwhelmed by it. I am lucky to have support from my husband, family and friends and I think I am through the darkest days. We moved to a beautiful lodge by a lake in April and I know now that being here has been a massive help to the healing process. I go the the gym most nights and as I walk home I look up to the stars and realise that I am exactly where I am supposed to be in that moment. I always used to put a lot of pressure on myself to come up with instant solutions to problems or I would try and be in six places at once. Having this time out has helped me come to the conclusion that wherever it is I’m heading, be it physically or emotionally, I’ll get there when I am meant to get there.
Are you making resolutions for 2016?
It’s more of a list or a reminder over actual resolutions. I think we all forget to fulfil the simplest of our desires as the rollercoaster of life twist and turns. I intend to keep writing, playing my saxophone, go to A LOT more gigs than I went to this year, continue with my current gym and swim routine as I can see the positive effect its having on both the outside and inside. And last but not least to catch up with old friends who I’ve lost touch with.
What are you hoping for from 2016?
I have my next post cancer check up in January and it always scares the life out of me. The nurses in the department are wonderful and I am on their radar so I really have nothing to fear but the lead up to it always frazzles my nerves. So I am hoping for lots of very boring, undramatic test results throughout the whole of 2016.
I hope 2016 will fill us all with optimism, wonder and the courage to never give up on our dreams because “Everything is possible and nothing is what it seems” *
*quote from a Labyrinth tag line

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