An intriguing day out…

This morning, I took myself for a visit of the Old Low Light in North Shields. I’m ashamed to say I’d never been before today but I’m 100% sure today won’t be my last visit.

As I explored this wonderful building, filled with history, I mused on what an exceptional catch it is for a writer. You cannot help but be inspired by the artefacts, maps and artwork in the building. No wonder Old Low Light won VODA’s 2015 Organisation of the Year.

Originally built in the first half of the C16th to guide boats through the treacherous mouth of the Tyne, Old Low Light has been reinvented several times but most recently in 2010 by two retiring teachers, Nina Brown and Jan Taylor, who wanted to educate local schoolchildren about North Shields, in particular the Fish Quay.

What has been created in this building is an incredible feat. Old Low Light now has a visitor’s centre, a lovely cafe and regular events like yoga, basket weaving and talks. Some of the pictures below include artwork by the students at Flow, where they make furniture (and more!) out of driftwood. The volunteers are incredibly knowledgeable and welcoming.

The views from the top of the Old Low Light are incredible and it just so happened that, on this blustery day, it was bright too. I could see as far as the TVLB and the Collingwood Monument. I can imagine that, no matter the weather, that viewing platform would give a writer some excellent inspiration.

I encourage everyone to visit this hidden gem, whether you are a writer, historian, photographer or coffee drinker – the Old Low Light has something for everyone!

Vic x

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