Review: ‘From there to you, from here to me’ at Northern Stage, 20/04/16.

From there to you, from here to me

ODDMANOUT’s newest production is a riveting play about motherhood, relationships and identity.

Agnes – played by Christina Berriman Dawson – is trying to complete her PhD. She’s using this as a way to get to know her mum better. Her mum, Mary, is dying. In effort to discover who fathered her, Agnes chips away at her mum’s façade, only to discover some very uncomfortable truths.

From there to you, from here to me plays with the audience’s perceptions of identity and what happens when elements of your identity are called into question.

There were some tremendously moving scenes between Mary – played by Jackie Lye – and Agnes. There were quiet laughs of recognition during their sparring matches which were so realistic and well-executed. The tension between the two actors, despite thawing relations, continued throughout and I thought that uneasy truce was so true to life. It was actually very touching to see a realistic portrayal of a difficult, but ultimately loving, mother-daughter relationship.

The script, by Scott Young, was deftly crafted and full of nuance. The use of film and sound throughout added yet another layer to this thoughtful production.

Vic x


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