Review: ‘The Other Half of my Heart’ by Stephanie Butland

The Other Half of my Heart

Bettina May has opened a bakery in the village of Throckton and she’s a hit with the locals. Bettina, though, is hiding from something – and the memory of an event that Bettina has been running from for fifteen years is about to confront her and send her safe life into a spin.

Having read Stephanie Butland’s debut novel ‘Surrounded by Water‘ (later retitled ‘Letters to my Husband‘), it was a pleasure to return to Throckton and catch up on the lives of the characters from the first book. However, the real pleasure for me in this book was meeting Bettina May, the secretive newcomer.

Bettina’s passion for bread and baking really appealed to the bread-addict in me and I found myself salivating over some of the tantalising descriptions of Bettina’s creations! I thought it was a great idea to put some recipes at the end of the book, too.

The cover may suggest that this is chick-lit, which it is to some extent but it is so much more than that, too. The relationships portrayed in ‘The Other Half of my Heart‘ are complex and completely believable. Stephanie Butland does not shy away from tackling uncomfortable topics and I respect her for the honest but sensitive way she portrays the issues in this book.

The slow-burn of having Bettina’s current life interspersed with flashback chapters really made me care about the central character as well as being able to empathise with her regarding the predicament she finds herself in. I found myself in tears several times during this story because I cared so much about Bettina.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher in return for an honest review.

Vic x


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