Noir at the Bar hits Moffat

As many of you know, I have arranged the first ever Noir at the Bar in the north east of England for Wednesday, 1st June. However, the north west is streets ahead of us – first came Glasgow, then Carlisle. Now – Noir at the Bar hits Moffat. It’s happening this Thursday (19th) and writer LP Mennock is here to tell us what to expect!

Vic x

In between Glasgow and Carlisle is a little town in Dumfries and Galloway called Moffat. Two minutes off the M74, which runs between Glasgow and the top of the M6 where it leaves Cumbria, Moffat is becoming a hub for writers of all varieties and hues. Crime Writing is steadily increasing in popularity there. You’d be surprised at how many people in Moffat who look quite normal as you pass them in the street are actually plotting to dispose of dead bodies, or wondering what would happen if you pushed someone under that passing lorry.

Writers who are serious about gore, bedlam and bloody violence seem to proliferate in the D&G area, so Moffat Crime Writers was formed to enable them to talk about their disturbing fixation. With a number of writers already either published or waiting for their book to be launched, and the others chomping at the bit to be the next one to get a publishing deal, the enthusiasm and friendly competition is fierce. Who will be next to finish their book? What is their book about? When will you be able to read it?

Enter Daren Welch, owner of The Moffat Bookshop. Daren is an enthusiastic proponent of bringing good writers to Moffat. Together with Graham Smith who runs the Crime and Publishment masterclass weekend and Linda Wright of Moffat Crime Writers, he’s organising book events so that folk within reach of this sleepy little town can all gather to meet writers they will enjoy without having to take a weekend to go to a festival.

On Thursday May 19th 2016 at 7pm there’s an Evening of Crime in Moffat. Three writers: international thriller writer Matt Hilton, together with crime writers Graham Smith and Mike Craven (top 5 finalist in the Crime Writer’s Association Debut Dagger Award) form ‘Crime Ink-corporated’ and will be appearing at the Buccleuch Hotel to talk about their books, their ideas and to sign their books. In addition, there will be an opportunity to hear some of the Moffat Crime Writers read. Jackie Baldwin, Irene Paterson, Christine Huntley and I will introduce the audience to some of the delights to be found in their work. From cozy crime to hard-nosed Glasgow violence, you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat as you listen to them share their darkest thoughts with you.

And it’s free. It’s based loosely on the ‘Noir in the Bar’ concept that is making its way from Scotland down to England. Originating in the US of A, ‘Noir in the Bar’ has been a success for some time in Glasgow. Carlisle hosted the first English ‘Noir in the Bar’ in March, and Newcastle will be following suit in June. It’s a great location to allow fellow crime aficionados to gather for the evening.

Grab a drink and join us in a relaxed environment as we talk of murder and mayhem over a pint or two. Or coffee – we welcome everyone!


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