Guest post: Howard Linskey on the joy of publication.

Howard Linskey’s writing career is going from strength to strength, his David Blake trilogy earned him a shed-load of fans and today sees the release of his fifth book ‘Behind Dead Eyes‘. Howard has taken time out of his manic schedule to talk to us about a very special day in any writer’s life – publication day. 

Thanks for being involved, Howard, I can’t wait to read the book! 

Vic x

‘Publication Day’
By Howard Linskey

It’s that special day when a year’s worth of writing, groaning, editing, moaning, more editing, wailing and gnashing of teeth, followed by yet more editing, finally culminates in an actual tangible thing appearing that previously existed only in my head. Yep, it’s publication day and the book is finally here!

Behind Dead Eyes

Behind Dead Eyes’ is published by Penguin on 19th May. It doesn’t matter how many books you have written before, and I have written a few, publication day still feels damn special. That lovely feeling of seeing your book in an actual shop doesn’t get old I can tell you, and if I ever get blasé about it that might be the time to stop writing… or someone could just shoot me instead, with my permission. If you can’t get excited by seeing that novel of yours on a bookshelf, or in my case on a table right by the door in my local Waterstones, accompanied by a poster in the window, then you are most probably tired of life.

This is my second book for Penguin and my fifth book published under my own name, or my sixth if you include the children’s non-fiction book I wrote a while back… or my eighth, if you include the two published under a pseudonym… or my tenth if you add in the two early efforts that remain, as yet, unpublished. Ten books, nearly 900,000 words in total and there are days when I still feel like a bit of an imposter. It was several years before I was able to tell people I am an author or that I have a literary agent and a publisher because it always sounded a bit implausible, even to me. It was as if an inner voice was saying to me ‘yes but you’re not a real author not like those other folk who write books that get published and… oh… well, maybe you are then.’ I guess it always felt a bit too good to be true after years of rejections and for so long being what is now termed an ‘aspiring author’, before I finally reached the point where people actually wanted to publish my work.

Behind Dead Eyes’ tells the story of a convicted murderer who swears he is innocent, along with the mystery of an unidentifiable corpse and a teenager who has vanished without trace. Reporters Tom Carney and Helen Norton are reunited with Detective Sergeant Ian Bradshaw, as they attempt to discover the truth

We are having a bit of fun with this launch too. George Foster, Penguin’s marketing genius, came up with a cracking idea to celebrate the launch of ‘Behind Dead Eyes’. He produced these wonderful coffee cups that will be available in coffee shops in Durham and Newcastle. If you buy a cup from the venues below, just take a pic and tweet a photo with the hashtag #BehindDeadEyes and tag the coffee shop. You could win a signed copy of my book, plus a year’s worth of Penguin Crime novels. Not bad for the price of a cappuccino.

Newcastle: Olive & Bean, Cake Stories & Sutra Tea Company

Durham: Flat White & Treats Tea Room


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