Noir at the Bar NE

OK, so it’s just over 24 hours to go until Noir at the Bar hits Newcastle for the first time. Noir at the Bar first began in Philadelphia in 2008 thanks to Peter Rosovsky and spread across the US like wildfire after the second chapter was set up in St Louis.

Noir at the Bar isn’t just about having fantastic readings by a range of authors, it’s also about getting the audience involved.

So, even if you’re not on the bill, you could make your mark by choosing the running order of the evening. Janet O’Kane is opening the evening but, other than that, the order of the readers will be chosen by members of the audience who choose names from a hat.

Similarly, if you have a five minute excerpt that you’d like to read, put your name down with me or Jacky and you’ll be entered into the wildcard round. One lucky reader will get to close the first ever Noir at the Bar NE thanks to the wildcard round. Will it be you?

Ultimately, I’d like everyone to be able to mingle and chat. That’s why we’ve gone for short readings, so everyone can chat with each other and make those all-important friendships and connections. Don’t be shy, crime writers might like to kill people in their stories but it’s quite rare for them to be anything other than friendly and approachable in real life.

If you’re talking about the event, please use the hashtag #noiratthebarNE on social media. We’d also love you to tag us in posts, reviews and photos.

Noir at the Bar is happening on Wednesday, June 1st at the Town Wall pub (Pink Lane, Newcastle). It starts at 7pm but space is limited so get there early to ensure you don’t miss out!

Vic x


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