Review: ‘Streets of Darkness’ by A.A. Dhand

Streets of Darkness

Bradford is the new Gotham and disgraced DI Harry Virdee is the city’s Dark Knight.

Despite his wife being due to give birth to their first child, Harry undertakes the biggest battle of his career in order to discover the truth behind the brutal murder of a powerful public figure. Not only is he suspended from work, but he has to work with a man he despises in the form of former BNP leader Lucas Dwight in order to get to the bottom of the hideous crime.

Dhand doesn’t sugar coat his home city or his main character and that makes Streets of Darkness all the more hard-hitting. Harry Virdee isn’t a perfect cop, he’s got his dark side too. Virdee’s inner conflict works well in this novel, leading to an ever-increasing sense of tension which kept me turning the pages long after I should have gone to bed!

A.A. Dhand has perfected the art of slick crime drama, creating flawed characters and a compelling narrative. There are some killer lines of poetic prose in this novel as well as being fast-paced and utterly fascinating. I honestly couldn’t tear myself away from this fantastic début.

Vic x


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