Review: North Shields Food Festival, 21/08/16.

North Shields Food Fest

I may be a Slimming World member but that doesn’t stop me from attending fantastic food festivals in the region. So earlier today, The Boy Wonder and I headed out to North Shields Proper Food Festival to sample some culinary delights.

We’ve been attending Proper Food Festivals for several years and I love the range of stalls available. Whether you’re going to fill your fridge (and freezer) with items for the weeks to come or you want to fill your face there and then, there’s something for everyone.

One of my favourite stalls has always been Monsieur Crepe so today I made a beeline for their trailer, Henrietta. I enjoyed a chocolate, strawberry and banana crepe although there is a brilliant range of sweet and savoury crepes. I wish I could sample their delights more often.

The Boy Wonder sampled some Indian cuisine as well as a mesquite pulled pork sandwich from Smokin’ Barbecue Co. I also enjoyed an American burger thanks to Fat Hippo which consisted of a juicy burger accompanied with gherkins, cheese, ketchup and american mustard.

Unfortunately, this was the final Proper Food Festival of the season but I recommend you start losing weight now so that when they roll around again next year, you can stuff yourself silly!

Vic x


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