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Review of 2016: Carolyn Batcheler

Today, we welcome Carolyn Batcheler to the blog. This lovely lady is here to review her 2016. Thanks for being involved, Carolyn.
Vic x 
Favourite professional memory: Getting one of my favourite stories published in Number Eleven Magazine – it’s called Bright Shiny Things!
Favourite moment 2016: My son’s wedding party in August. Lovely to have my family all together and see friends. Loved embarrassing them doing my speech which was done in form of 2 poems. The one I wrote about my son had the refrain “Richard doesn’t like bananas but he does like…”
Favourite book: My son bought me book 1 of Jim Butcher’s ‘The Dresden Files‘ for Christmas. I have now read all 15 of the series and love every one. They are sci-fi detective books about a very attractive wizard! You’ve got to love supernatural crime! Also good to read books alongside other family members.
Favourite song: Always anything Dylan… Loved him getting the Nobel prize! He has been part of my life for many years. Inspirational words…
Downsides: Too many bereavements…enough said.

Resolutions: There is no point in me making any. I would have broken them by the afternoon of January 1st. I would rather take positive moves rather than trying to stop doing something. Perhaps more travel would be the thing!
Hopes: More writing opportunities, more travel opportunities, more time with family and friends, more fun, more sunshine, more life! Always want to experience new things so I hope for things I haven’t even thought of yet!