**Killed Blog Tour** Guest Post

To celebrate the publication of Killed, Thomas Enger – creator of the wildly popular Henning Juul series – is with us today to share some interesting facts about himself.

My thanks to Thomas and Orenda Books for having me on the blog tour.

Vic x

Granite Noir fest 2017. Thomas Enger.

Ten things you didn’t know about Thomas Enger
by (uhm) Thomas Enger

  1. My very first work of fiction was an erotic short story (don’t know where it is now, and I don’t want to know)
  2. I’m addicted to a lipbalm called Mentholatum.
  3. I can’t live without slippers.
  4. I always weep when I watch the spaghetti scene in Lady and the Tramp on Christmas Day (tradition in Norway).
  5. In 1996 I worked through the summer just so I could buy myself a digital piano. I still have it and I still use it on a daily basis.
  6. I had to become 38 years old before I could stomach sushi. Now it probably is my favourite food.
  7. I’m allergic to almost anything with fur.
  8. I have a 13,8 handicap in golf, and I once hit a drive that measured 295 metres (sic).
  9. I’m a huge fan of cigars, but I had to turn 40 for that to happen.
  10. My father originally wanted my first name to be Robert, just so he could nickname me Bobby. Needless to say, he was heavily influenced by the US of A at the time.


One response to “**Killed Blog Tour** Guest Post

  1. Thanks for the Blog Tour support Victoria x

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