Praise for Vic Watson

Reviews of ‘Letting Go’, a collection of short stories by Victoria Watson.

“A little feel of Steinbeck, set in working-class England.” Dave DiGrazie, Goodreads.

“These stories will stay with me long after I have read them.” Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw, Amazon.

“So good it convinced my non-reading husband to buy his own Kindle!” Lisa Hoggins, Amazon.

“The characters are well rounded and leave you feeling you know them well in a short space of time. The stories cover a wide range of people and situations, proving that Victoria can turn her hand to many different opinions and views. I’m definately going to purchase more of this lady’s writing. She is an inspiration to other writers in the region and it’s nice to see her gaining momentum and success from her work. A very good buy.” – D.A Pegg, Amazon.

“I adore stories that have a twist and these are morally poetic and question simple moments when things could have been different. I will undoubtedly purchase the next posted kindle and hopefully, paperback.” – Miss CMF, Amazon.

“Eight short stories the will surely have you thinking that your own life is wonderful no matter what is going on. Very different characters in each story. Hard to believe that Ms. Watson can delve into the minds of an old lady and a medium and 6 others. Very well done. I loved all the ‘English sayings’ which also added to the life of the stories. Would love to read more.” – cndysac, Amazon.

“Victoria Watson has a real talent for getting into the heads of strangers. The ‘Letting Go’ collection of short stories offers the reader a hugely diverse range of characters, from the quack clairvoyant (or is she?)to the saddest and bitterest of older women. Watson is also a master at the truly unexpected twist, which is quite a feat in a society where we are all so cynical and tend to think we’ve seen it all. There were many moments in these stories which took me completely by surprise. There is humour, but it has quite a bite. Looking forward to reading more from this writer!” – BerwickBabs, Amazon.

“I love all of Anita Shreve’s writing, the characters, the descriptions and the emotions. She’s the only writer that can make me cry (I’m as tough as old boots) but now she’s got a young rival on the scene from the UK called Victoria Watson. Letting Go is a wonderful collection of short stories all relating to the theme of change. Victoria has pinpointed a particular moment in her characters’ lives where a split second decision has changed everything for them.
Look back at your own life and examine how you got from A to B to C and how easily everything could be totally different. Some of these stories will break your heart but they are so sensitively written and so well observed. Thisis a woman who can not only see into her characters’ minds but also their hearts and souls. I can’t wait for Victoria Watson’s first novel because it’s going to be awesome.” – McDroll “F. Johnson”, Amazon.

Reviews of ‘I Should Have Seen it Coming’, ‘Keeping Quiet’ and ‘Inside’ by Victoria Watson.

“It’s all credit to Victoria Watson’s great talent as a writer that a story that could have been bleak and depressing is, in fact, incredibly moving. Five heartbreaking stars” – Paul D Brazill.

“A well-crafted story” – Mark Miller.

“A five-star read” – Cheryl Reid.

“Cleverly written” – Fiona, Goodreads.

“A very profound and well written story” – Marilou George.

“Powerful and affecting” – Ricky Ward.

“Ms Watson might just be swaying me back to the short story” – Dan Smith.

“Refreshingly different” – Michelle Vasquez.

“Full of intrigue and suspense” – Nicola Tervit.

“An extremely strong and reflective story” – Darren Sant.

From Paul D Brazill:

By Dan Smith:

From Darren Sant:

By Luca Veste:

From Benjamin Sobieck:

From Pippa Line:

From Michelle Vasquez:

By Ricky Ward:


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