Review Policy

I am always happy to accept books for review. As a Creative Writing tutor and writer, I’m aware of the effort that it takes to write a book, any reviews I provide are my personal opinion and I always aim to be constructive.

When reviewing, I like to consider all of the constituent parts of book – plot, characters, pace, narrative style and spelling, punctuation and grammar. If you have a lot of spelling, punctuation and grammar errors, it may affect my enjoyment of the book and I will therefore say so.

Regarding submissions for review or features, please read the following:

  • I will consider all requests but can’t promise to accept everything that is offered to me. Due to time constraints and the amount of work involved in running the blog, there will be some things I will have to turn down.
  • I’m happy to hear from authors and publishers about forthcoming books. I can’t promise to post within a certain time-frame unless agreed during our initial correspondence. As you can imagine, I get lots of books every month and it takes me time to read them all!
  • Reviews that are posted on this site will also appear on Amazon and Goodreads. Although I don’t use star ratings on this blog, the above sites do.

As you’ll have seen from the reviews on this site, I review a wide range of fiction (and the odd non-fiction book). The books I choose to read are at my discretion. Please do not be offended if I turn down your book for review.

If you would like me to review your book, or be involved in your blog tour, please email me at