Review: ‘In Her Own Words….Interview with a London Call Girl’ by Ruth Jacobs

In Her Own Words

Have you ever watched / read ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’ by Belle de Jour? How about Tracy Quan’s ‘…Call Girl’ series of books? Did they make you laugh? Did their lives sound exciting and liberating? Did prostitution begin to sound like a viable, safe way to make extra money? Well, it’s not.

Ruth Jacob’s ‘Interview with a London Call Girl’ reveals the harsh truths behind a profession that, over the past few years, has been sensationalised, with the stigma attached to prostitution being lessened with the appearance of each glamorous tale.

Following an interview with a call girl in the late 199os, Ruth Jacobs has written a series of novels, one of which is due to be published later this year.

‘In Her Own Words’ is the unedited transcript of the interview Ruth conducted with a call girl. It exposes the negative social, psychological and physical effects on the woman who sold her body for money. The answers given by the interview are unflinching, brutally honest and utterly heartbreaking. It doesn’t make for comfortable reading but it is a necessary read.

Ruth Jacobs published this anonymous interview following the death of the subject in the hope of highlighting the true nature of this exploitative profession.   All proceeds are going to Beyond the Streets – a charity that helps women escape prostitution.

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Download ‘In Her Own Words….’ here: 

2 responses to “Review: ‘In Her Own Words….Interview with a London Call Girl’ by Ruth Jacobs

  1. I have watched Secret Diary Of A Call Girl and read one of the books – though I tend to prefer the show.
    However from your review I may read this, especially as from the sounds of it, it doesn’t glorify prostitution and instead just puts the real message out.

    Thanks. 🙂

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