Very Inspiring Blog Award

V inspiring blogger

Thanks to Gerry McCullough for nominating me for the ‘Very Inspiring Blog Award’. Gerry has written several great books which you can find on her Amazon Author Page.

So, here are the rules:

  1. Display the award logo on your blog.
  2. Link back to the person who nominated you.
  3. State 7 things about yourself.
  4. Nominate other bloggers for this award and link to them.
  5. Notify those bloggers of the nomination and the award’s requirements.

OK, so now I have to open my heart up to you guys and tell you 7 things about me that you don’t already know. Hmm, tough one…

  1. I used to be a city swimmer and one of my records (set almost 20 years ago) still stands today. 
  2. I wrote a play aged about nine or ten at school for drama club but my friends’ dad said it was too sensitive as the main thread of the story was about a character’s grandma dying. Apparently, I’ve always had a knack for writing stories that aren’t exactly light-hearted!
  3. Two weeks ago I finally revealed to my brother that the letter he received from Chessington World of Adventures after writing to them, aged five, regarding a new roller coaster he designed was fake. My dad had been kind enough to mock-up a letter in response to my brother’s design. I thought my brother already knew and I was absolutely devastated when I saw his face drop in realisation.
  4. I’m terrified of fish and pictures of fish. I don’t suppose I’ll ever do any diving or snorkeling.
  5. I have very strict rules about how I eat food. For example, I only allow myself to eat certain flavours of crisps depending on the sandwich filling. If I’m eating a salad or a roast dinner, I am only allowed to eat veg together in the same mouthful (E.G. potato and carrots on the same forkful are ok but I wouldn’t add meat into this).  I can’t bear the thought of a tuna melt as cheese and tuna, to me, seem completely wrong. I have to separate M’n’Ms and Skittles into colours, I couldn’t eat a mixture – that would just be bizarre.
  6. Throughout my life, my dad has potentially told me hundreds of lies (as a joke, nothing too serious) and I’m still just finding out the truth regarding some of them. For example, he told me that eating raw mushrooms would kill you. 
  7. I once asked The Boy Wonder if ‘The Simpsons’ were yellow because they had been affected by the nuclear power station in Springfield. According to him, it’s just because they’re a cartoon. 

So, now I’ve revealed myself to be a terrible big sister, an idiot, an OCD eater and  a depressive writer from a young age, it’s now my turn to pick my top blogs. Here they are (in no particular order):

  1. Gemma Wilford. Gemma’s blog ‘Missuswolf’s StoryLand’ is about sharing her reading and writing with the world. Like me, Gemma is on a mission to publish her first novel before she is thirty. I worked with Gemma on the second ‘I Am Woman’ anthology and am a big fan of her writing.
  2. Mark Taylor. According to his blog: “Mark occasionally has too much time on his hands and thought he’d share his love of watching random nonsense with a world which doesn’t, and in fact shouldn’t, care.” That is not true – I care, as should the rest of you!
  3. Maria Smith. Maria is a writer of dark fiction, urban fantasy and paranormal stories. Why do I love her blog? She has a weekly “goal list” and reviews her targets from the previous week. However, the best thing about her blog is her monthly Small Pleasures – a lovely idea.
  4. Rachel Cochrane. Rachel runs Listen Up North, a website based in North East England, featuring audio drama, short stories, poetry, extracts of novels and interviews. Rachel also had her poem ‘Sisters’ Away Day’ featured in the first ‘I Am Woman’ anthology.
  5. Allison Davies. Allison is a very dear friend of mine who is not only an amazing script writer but a philanthropist too: she runs a fair trade jewellery business with two friends. You can read more about that at Danusha. To read more of her wonderful writing, please check out her blog, Found Poet.
  6. Claire McGowan: The author of ‘The Fall‘ (a great book I read last year) incorporates her blog into her full website. With handy hints for writers and debunking writing myths as well as some interesting articles on relationships and more!

OK, I cheated and chose six. My thanks again to Gerry McCullough, I had a great time writing this post.

Vic x


3 responses to “Very Inspiring Blog Award

  1. Really enjoyed your random facts Vic, so funny and entertaining. No you are not a terrible sister or have any other ‘problems’…just like many of us I am sure. I am glad Gerry nominated you – I nominated her, so we end up in a lovely link in the end. I have enjoyed reading your blog and those of others who take part in these events. I too am very proud to have been included in I Am Woman vol 1 because of you and I continue putting the books and issues in front of anyone I can. Good luck to you and good luck to all your nominees. It is nice finding new friends on here. 🙂

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